Monday, March 25, 2013

Rum and Coke Gummies

This is for the adults (21+) who are really kids at heart.

The classic gummy colas are one of the candies that screams childhood, summer vacation and instantly brings back memories of VH1 music videos and MTV shows with drunken bikini clad girls and (equally drunk) boys with spiked bleached hair (oh late 90's/early 2000's... I miss you sooooo)

Sorry, distracted.

These gummies are a great mashup of childhood slamming into adulthood and it couldn't be any easier

Rum and Coke Gummies

1 bag Haribo gummy cola
1 pint of rum

In a large container, 9x 13 would be best, arrange gummies in a single layer.  Pour rum over gummies until completely submerged. (Depending on size of container, amount of gummies the amount of rum you need will vary)  

Let soak for 3-5 days and enjoy!

(**Gummies will swell as they soak up the rum**)

(I'd say these are perfect for Spring Break or a summer trip at the beach!)

(ALWAYS drink responsibly!)


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